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Chris Eves

Vancouver, WA, USA
Lifelong car enthusiast, with a penchant for French oddities, SAABs, Mazda sports cars, and the occasional Porsche.


David LaGuardia
Being a huge auto enthusiast I have always been quite intrigued by rotary-powered Mazdas. I was over the moon when I saw Chris’s RX-8 on HDS and had to give it a go! The price was very reasonable, especially when considering what an incredible driver’s car the RX-8 turned out to be. Gorgeous in person, and extremely well-kept the car offered a driving experience unlike any other car I have ever interacted with, thanks to the rotary engine the SCREAMS to 9k revs! All driver inputs were fantastic, from the feel of the steering to the brakes, instant throttle response, fantastically balanced suspension and handling, all topped off by a close-ratio 6 speed manual. This car is all about balance and instills a high level of driver confidence as a result. Not only was the car an utter joy to drive, Chris, the owner, was a wonderful host who answered all of my questions and genuinely encouraged me to have a great time in his car, which I most certainly did. I would rent again from him without question and his love of cars was evident from the get-go. It takes an enthusiast to know an enthusiast and he was on my level immediately upon meeting him. I own an E39 M5 so I know what a great car is capable of. Treat yourself and a friend or 2 or 3 (since the RX-8 has 4 doors) to an extremely rewarding driving experience by renting this beautiful and rare automobile from Chris. It is truly smiles for miles!
Jan 8, 2023
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