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Alejandro Negrete

Alejandro Negrete

San Juan Bautista
I’m very understanding Up until you sit and watch your kid destroy my property and do nothing. Then will have a chat


1955 Ford F100
San Juan Bautista, CA
per day
Growing up In California I always loved the car seen and started working on getting into these amazing American beauties now I enjoy them with my two beautiful kids and gorgeous wife. I want to share this beautiful rides amd the feeling you get with the rest of the people, who just can’t have one at this time for whatever reason is, no parking or kids or whatever it may be so I’m Hoping to make you smile just like I do when I drive them and if you love the attention you will love this even more because you definitely get noticed !!! And if you don’t like the attention well just keep looking straight don’t turn to look at anyone with a video camera or
People giving you the thumbs up and what not. Don’t worry about being nervous, not knowing what is under the hood,when they ask I’ll give you a card with a list of mods to where you could answer all questions to the people who want to know about your classic!!!!! If It’s a learning experience and I’m willing to teach
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