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Phoenicia White

Phoenicia White

Grand Prairie, TX
I’m a car person all the way. I’ve always had a real appreciation for beautiful cars. It’s like looking at art for me.


2003 Ford Thunderbird
Grand Prairie, TX
per day
When I was younger I was impressed with idea of making cars. I love the imagination and craftsmanship that goes into something thats distributed to the world so that everyone can enjoy. You can learn so much about a persons personality based on the car they drive. When the thunderbird was released in 2003 I remember wanting one so bad ,but I was young and just entering the job market. It wasn’t a option for me at the time. Fast forward several years later and the opportunity presented itself to own this lovely machine. I wasn’t going to miss my chance. This purchase above all other car purchases has meant the most. It’s made this adulting thing worth it.
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