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Yohance Martin

Yohance Martin

Litchfield, CT


1983 Land Rover Defender 110
per day
I was drawn to the unique stance of the Land Rover Defender at a very young age before I even knew what it was.

The stance and style of the defender stayed with me into adulthood. I obsessed over images and videos of the Land Rover defender for decades. The idea of go anywhere and see the world in a Land Rover was something that looked and sounded exciting. After decades of research as I called it. I knew I would eventually need to have one of my very own. I traveled the globe in my 20 plus years of military duty.

The Land Rover defender was something that I saw in all corners of the globe. Old, new, classics, series of all generations and ages were always present in all forms. Personal daily drivers, working on a farm on open grasslands or the most desolate of deserts, repurposed for municipal duties, military duties and even Restored for shows.

Some call it an obsession, a hobby, a money pit or an addiction but regardless of all that and what it may be to you, "ONE LIFE LIVE IT"
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