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Michael Knox

Michael Knox

Columbia, TN
The car is stored in nearby Mount Pleasant, TN but, I will calculate delivery from Columbia, TN.


1965 Plymouth Barracuda
Columbia, TN
per day
I grew up with early Plymouth Valiants and VW Beetles. My dad had two 65 Valiants. When I was in high school, I skipped school with friends in my dad’s 65 and we drove to Lexington, KY for the day. While there, I drove behind an on-scene new reporter. A lady from church saw the 65 Valiant pass behind the reporter on the 6 o’clock news and called my parents to tell them. They “knew” it wasn’t our Valiant because I had driven it to school. But, they watched the news at 11 o’clock and, sure enough, they saw me and my friends skipping school.

My uncle Carl had restored a few 64-65 Barracudas and I thought they were such cool cars. I knew I’d have a nice one one day. Our baby blue Barracuda has only 43,000 original miles and gets attention wherever we go. I’m happy to share the experience of riding in a vintage Barracuda with others. As long as I have 48 hrs notice, I can usually have my baby blue Barracuda detailed and ready to go.
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