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Kyle Cochran

Kyle Cochran

Olathe, KS
Will provide Chauffeur and event services in the KC Metro area.


1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Olathe, KS
per day
I developed a love for American muscle cars as a kid between rides in my uncles 1976 Trans Am 455, cruises, car shows with Dad, and later learning how to drive a manual transmission on said Trans Am. That feeling of power in my hands to this day still makes me quiver with excitement. One night during the Americruise car show and cruise, a stunning LeMans Blue 1969 Camaro SS Coupe rolled up as we stood on the sidewalk, the driver let us admire his car while leaving himself street room. Then he revved high that beautiful sounding exhaust and followed it with a short but oh so sweet burnout as he drove away. Right then, I told myself "That's it, THAT is my dream car." Fast forward to July 2021 where I discovered this diamond in the rough that took hardly any time decide to bring it home. On the back window you will see the letters LJE which are the initials of my uncle who suddenly passed away in 2020. Not only is this my dream car, yet it is a way to honor my uncles memory and his love for cars. Needless to say I am living a life I didn't think was possible due to the climbing values on these beautiful pieces of machinery. By joining driveshare, I hope that I can share similar experiences with you as your Chauffeur and/or displaying this beauty for your event making memories that will last a lifetime.
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