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Bradford Lucas

Foxborough, MA
I'm a car enthusiast and have a special interests in first generation Mustangs. I attend many car shows and parades.


1967 Ford Mustang
Foxborough, MA
per day
He is a lifelong Massachusetts native and third generation Mustang enthusiast who grew up in Western MA, who is currently working on a ‘66 Coupe restomod project. He recently sold his ‘92 foxbody LX convertible to make room in his stable for a ‘67 S code convertible. His ‘66 was gifted to him by his Grandfather when he was just 15 years old, as a “father and son” project.

His mustang love affair began with his grandfather who bought a ‘67 coupe brand new off the showroom floor. They were selling quickly he recalled, and it was equipped with a 289 V8, power steering, power front disc brakes, auto, painted in highland green, black standard interior. It had a rare front bench seat option aftermarket air shocks in the rear. It was passed down to his father who owned it for ten years. It was too rusty from driving during harsh New England winters so he sold it and it is believed that the last owner had it scrapped. His Father also owned many first generation Mustangs including several convertibles but he always had fond memories of his first ‘67 mustang. Back then they were just considered used cars he said not anything special and desirable as they have become today…especially the fastbacks…he always talked about the ‘67.

His grandfather owned several foxbody’s after his retirement from the service. In the ‘90’s he would trade them in every two years for a brand new one. He still remembers the thrill of his very first ride in a foxbody with his Grandfather. His grandfather often got pulled over in his red foxbody GT.

His father was taught automotive shop classes from Mr. Halderman in Dayton, OH whose cousin was Gale Halderman the designer of the very first Mustang. Currently his father owns an ‘87 foxbody convertible and resides in FL.

He currently resides near Foxborough with his wife and two children. When he is not looking after his children he enjoys attending car shows, BassPro cruise nights, and parades with his ‘67. He is still working on getting his ‘66 back on the road piece by piece little by little as it is still a work in progress. It has evolved into a tasteful restomod including such things as a Holley Sniper EFI fuel injection, electronic ignition, suspension, and brake upgrades.

He recently decided to chauffer with his 67 mustang because it is so popular at events and parades and it is a great way to support his car hobby.
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