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J Petrilla

J Petrilla

I am a Volvo 164 fanatic. I have owned four of them over the past 40 years.
My present 164, and the one offered here, is a gorgeous 1969 I named “Blue”. It is #4196 of the 1969 production run of 12,199.
I have owned her since 2001, purchased from the original owner’s estate. That owner, a doctor, purchased the car in New York City for his wife. It was driven only 25,000 miles and always garaged. It was kept in storage there for 25 years after their passing, until I acquired it. I drove the car home to Nashville Tennessee, where I began refurbishing and getting it back to showroom condition. I also fitted it with a custom console/armrest and rear mini-bar using Volvo accessories, just for fun. My labor has paid off. Blue has been written about and featured in Europe’s Volvo Classic Magazine. I have been asked for guest appearances by invitation-only shows, such as Carlisle Invitational and Volvo Club of America and others, adding to its provenance. Now you can experience the pleasure of this beautiful example of my favorite automobile yourself, even for only a few hours, or a whole day, at your special event. Blue will be a favorite of yours too!

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