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Eric Quock

Eric Quock



1968 Chevrolet Camaro
Sunnyvale, CA
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There’s a great story behind this American classic muscle car. In 1968, my wife’s uncle bought this RS Z/28 brand new. He fell in love with the Z/28 after reading an ad touting it as the “Family-man’s Corvette”. When his wife forced him to sell it because it was a “Bachelor’s” car, thank goodness he sold it to his younger brother. The younger brother turned out to be my father-in-law who was a car-guy. My wife & I inherited the Z/28 when he passed in 2005. I’ve since replaced all the fluids, belts & hoses and installed a double-row radiator and new clutch, other than that this is an unrestored survivor. It was repainted in original colors after quarter panel repair about 30 years ago, it still has all of the original interior including weather stripping. It now gets driven to and from local Car Shows.
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