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Trent Ostrander


1997 Toyota Land Cruiser
Los Angeles, CA
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In the heart of Trent's automotive odyssey lies a childhood infused with the scent of grease and the hum of engines, where every turn of a wrench ignited a lifelong passion for cars. From those early days spent tinkering on 'Pops' Classic Ford Mustang Convertible to the sun-soaked road trips that etched memories of adventure into his soul, Trent's journey into car culture was one of discovery and connection. As he matured, his role evolved from apprentice to mentor, drawing from diverse experiences in advertising and automotive repair to guide his voyage of mechanical mastery and design appreciation. Trent's vision transcended mere mechanics as it embraced a profound commitment to environmental consciousness. As he navigated the intersection of tradition and innovation, Trent has been forging a path forward that honors the past while embracing the future of car culture.
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