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1955 Willys M38A1
Milwaukee, WI
per day
Pictured is the 1955 24v M38A1, M1919A4 30cal, GRC5 24v Radio (RT67, R109, RT70), 1951 M100 Trailer. Items were collected at different times.

This M38A1 has F4 Hurricane engine, full winter canvas, snorkel, and heater. The story passed to me when I purchased the jeep was that it was held in a private collection in Southern CA. Then purchased by a father-son team in Northern CA as a restoration project. The son was deployed as part of OIF and KIA in Iraq. The Keychain to the jeep denoted the son's Army unit. The father didn't want to keep the jeep after that and sold it to a skilled restoration person who did a fantastic job restoring the jeep and vowed to keep the Keychain. He sold it to a person in FL who also kept the Keychain. Then to me and of course will keep the Keychain with the jeep in remembrance of the fallen soldier.

I am retired Air Force - 33 years - and enjoy placing the jeep in parades and at Veterans events.

My intention on Driveshare is to advertise the jeep for commercials, photo shoots, and movies.
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