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Elaine Francisco


1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
Claremont, CA
per day


Ronald Darnell
On a 1-5 scale, Elaine gets a 100. She was absolutely amazing. She was such an easy person to deal with with top notch communication for starters. Very easy to get questions answered (no matter how dumb they were). She kept us updated when there was a problem with poor Fiona Loiuse also. That's for starters. Then, after the problem was fixed, she actually drove the car out to us which was super cool. Elaine said she was 72 (hope you're not mad for me saying that girl) but she had the charisma and spunk of some 30 something people I know. She showed us everything we needed to know how to operate her car in a very easy to follow way. I had a couple questions while we had her, and Elaine answered right away and was super helpful. Now, the car. I am not a car guy. We rented this car for my moms 70th bday. Cuz, this is her dream car. So, the time we had it, I have never felt cooler in my whole life. I felt alive driving this car. We would pull up at lights and people would gawk and shout things like "that car is sick". We had it parked in a neighborhood at a house. And, neighbors came out to see it. The car is extremely well maintained and meticulously taken car of. It is easy and so fun to drive. So, I could go on forever. But it comes down to this....I cannot figure out which is greater....was I more blessed as a person to be lucky enough to drive this car? Or, am I more blessed to just meet and know someone as cool as Elaine? My guess is meeting Elaine. Calling her classy would be an understatement. Whatever you pay for this rental is not nearly enough to deal with such a lovely human and amazing machine. Thank you Elaine for being a blessing in my life.
Aug 29, 2021
John Reikes
This was a GREAT experience. I rented Elaine’s 57 Chevy as a surprise for my dad’s 90th birthday. The car has original paint and just looks amazing in person. It’s Elaine’s baby and she takes great care of it. My whole family loved having the car as part of our special event. I strongly recommend Elaine and her car!
Mar 20, 2022
David Sanchez
Great experience and great looking Bel Air. Elaine is great. Thank you so much had a wonderful time.
May 8, 2022
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