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Rent a car that fits your character. Make a statement with DriveShare.

Meet DriveShare

When was the last time you drove (or took a ride in) something a little different? Whether you're looking to experience rare cars, custom creations or classic oddities long since forgotten, DriveShare has a wide selection of eclectic vehicles to fit your mood or occassion. 

Dare to be different. Check out five fan favorite eclectic cars or get some halloween inspo with these car/costume pairings, then check out some head-turning vehicles available for rent below. Learn more about how to rent or check out our renter FAQ.  

Is there a fun car in your garage that you might want to let others enjoy? Create your own DriveShare listing today. You set the rules, rental rates, delivery distance and more, and you can rest easy knowing that every rental comes with car insurance and all drivers are verified and screened before qualifying to drive. Find (or list) your car here. 

Featured cars that you don't see every day


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