Car clubs and memberships

Car clubs and memberships

What is the DriveShare club partnership all about?

DriveShare is teaming up with car clubs to offer an awesome benefit to clubs and their members. Once a club is signed up with DriveShare, if a club member wants to share their car exclusively with other members — but not with the general public — they can limit their vehicle’s availability exclusively to other verified members of their affiliated club. 

How do I sign up my car club with DriveShare?

We’d love to hear from you! To inquire on signing up your car club with DriveShare, please contact us at with your club name, location and number of members who would be interested in taking advantage of our program.

How do I verify my club membership on my DriveShare account?

When you register a new account on DriveShare, you’ll be asked if you’re a member of certain car clubs. Verifying your membership is based on one’s email address, so please be sure that the email used for the DriveShare account matches the one used for your membership login. Otherwise, we will not be able to validate the match. After verification, your account will be identified with your club’s badge on DriveShare.

If you already have a DriveShare account and want to add this membership, it’s as easy as visiting the “My Account” menu on the site. Click the “Clubs” tab and you can verify your membership by clicking on the club with which you are affiliated.

What can I do if I want to rent a club-only car on DriveShare but I am not a club member?

As a club member, how do I find available vehicles to rent?

When you search for vehicles on DriveShare, the thumbnail image of the cars available only to members of your club will bear the club’s logo. A club logo paired with a notation that the car is “Available to members of [Club Name]” will also appear on the vehicle details page below the fees summary. As a club member, you can always also rent cars from non-club affiliated car owners on DriveShare. Additionally, when you view your own vehicle listed on DriveShare you’ll see the notation “Available to members of Porsche Club of America” (for example) below the fee summary section.

How do I ensure my vehicle is available only for other club members?

When you list your car, the pricing page will include the option to limit availability only to members of your club(s). There are multiple options, so you can select the club(s) to which you want your car to be available.

If you already have a car listed, you can change its availability in the “My Cars” tab. Choose your car then visit the “Availability” tab (the first tab). You’ll see an option on the top of that page titled “Car Available To” and you can choose “Everyone” or limit your car to your club(s). 

This selection is made per car, so if you have multiple vehicles listed on DriveShare you can choose whether or not you’d like to limit availability for each individual car. 

Additionally, when you view your own vehicle listed on DriveShare you’ll see the notation “Available to members of Porsche Club of America” below the fee summary section.

Can I make my vehicle available for anyone to rent?

Of course! You can choose to make your car available to everyone (the default) or limit its availability to only other club members. You can change this selection by visiting the vehicle page from “My –°ollection” menu.

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