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Insurance and coverage

How do I know my car will be safe?

At DriveShare, we do everything in our power to protect the owner and his or her vehicle. Before potential renters can get behind the wheel, they must meet our stringent eligibility criteria. DriveShare performs comprehensive background audits. (For more information on renter requirements please refer to our policies page.) Once a renter has paid and passed all of our audits, they can confirm a booking.

Is insurance included with every rental?

The commercial auto policy through DriveShare provides 3 choices for renters to choose from during checkout, with up to $1 million in liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage for every rental period. This coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Also, the owners are afforded comprehensive and collision coverage up to the vehicle’s agreed value listed on the DriveShare website, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

One important exclusion is that DriveShare is not available for vehicles registered in New York State. Additionally, vehicles registered in other states can be driven into New York but trips must begin and vehicles must be picked up outside of New York.

Who sets the insured value?

The vehicle’s insured value is set by the owner and agreed to by DriveShare prior to listing on the platform. Values are verified using the top industry vehicle valuation tools. In the event of a total loss, you will receive up to the value amount that was listed on the DriveShare platform.

What if I rent out my car outside of DriveShare?

Renting your vehicle outside of our platform will not afford you any coverage under DriveShare’s insurance policy. DriveShare will not be held liable for any money transactions, damages, claims or vehicle breakdowns if the rental was not booked directly through DriveShare.

Can I self-insure or use my own insurance?

​​Every verified driver is automatically insured when renting a vehicle on DriveShare. The option to self-insure or use your own insurance isn’t available at this time.

It's our primary goal to make sure that each car and person is fully covered by our unique insurance program as part of DriveShare. The policy will cover your damages whether it’s a partial or total covered loss and work with each situation on a case-by-case basis. You will not have to worry about dealing with the other insurer or your own as it is all handled internally by our claims representative.

Will my current insurance policy respond if I have a loss while renting my vehicle?

​​While we cannot speak to the language in all automobile policies, many policies contain an exclusion if the vehicle is being rented to another for a fee. When a vehicle is being rented through DriveShare, both liability and physical damage coverage is provided for the vehicle for the entire rental period subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Will my hired driver be insured by DriveShare?

If you are listing your vehicle(s) on the DriveShare platform, but are also using a chauffeur to drive the vehicle during the rental period, every driver will be covered as long as each driver creates an account and goes through the standard driver verification process. Please contact us for further information and to obtain a link to begin the verification process for your driver.

How do I file a claim?

Before and after each rental period, a vehicle inspection should be completed, and taking photos of the vehicle before and after each rental is encouraged.

If an incident occurs during the rental period and there is a need to file a claim, please contact us at with the following information:

  • full names of both the vehicle owner and the driver/renter

  • the phone numbers for both the vehicle owner and the renter

  • the location of the incident

  • who the operator was at the time of the incident

  • the date of the incident

  • any notes regarding what happened during the incident

  • whether or not the police were involved

  • photos of any damages can be emailed to

Once this information is received you will be contacted by a claims representative.

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