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Rent a hot rod or custom car and enjoy the ride or share your cool car care-free knowing you are covered with DriveShare. Each rental booked through DriveShare includes exceptional car insurance and roadside that protect this classic car.

Experience hot rods and custom cars

People have modified cars to go faster and look better since the beginning of automotive history. Hot rods (as we know them) came along sometime in the 1930s, when Southern California gearheads started stripping down cheap roadsters, mostly Ford Model As and Deuces, to race them on the Mojave Desert's dry lake beds. 

From pearl, metallic flake and candy-colored paint to modified small-blocks, big-blocks and flathead V-8s, car enthusiasts are drawn to hot rods and customs, just itching for their chance to put their hands on the steering wheel. DriveShare can help make that driving dream a reality.  

With lots of cool cars for rent across the country, no matter where you live, you can take an afternoon spin with the wind in your hair, make a memorable entrance at a party or the club, carry a happy couple to the chapel on their wedding day or give it a try before you buy (or build) your own hot rod.  

If you’re a hot rod or custom car owner who wants to share the feeling of a powerful engine rumbling underfoot, you can list it with confidence, knowing that you’re covered with car insurance and all drivers are vetted and screened before getting behind the wheel.  

Find (or list) your hot rod or custom car here.  

Featured hot rods and custom cars

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