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DriveShare is the place to rent the kind of cars you actually want to drive. With everything from classics to modern collector vehicles available for rent, you can take every occasion up a notch. We’re talking weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, getaways, photo shoots, Sunday drives, color tours and so much more. And with three ways to rent — you can drive, you can be chauffeured or the car can be parked for events — you can craft the exact experience you’re looking for. Thinking of buying? DriveShare is the perfect way to try out your dream car first.

With DriveShare, you know you’re covered: Our top-of-the-line insurance protects the car for the entire rental period, and unbeatable roadside assistance has your back the entire time.


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  2. Search for a car that makes your heart race.

  3. Select your dates and rental type: "Driving" means that you drive, "Chauffeured" means the owner drives and "Event" means the car will be used for display.

  4. Coordinate pick-up and drop-off with the owner. We recommend that you download the DriveShare app for iPhone or Android to make communication and pick-up even easier.

  5. Enjoy the ride!

Learn more about how to rent or check out our renter FAQ.  



Julia Bucciero
Great car — so fun to drive and Steven was super attentive and available if we had any questions.
Nolan Lawrence
Jason and the Boxster were an easy rental. Here are some highlights.
1. Showed up wearing a mask during Fall of 2020 with COVID19 going on. (Really really appreciate it.)
2. Easy going and enthusiastic about the car. (Willing to answer all questions, and prompt and responsive through the app/online.)
3. Showed me how to turn off traction control. I never ended up using it, but just that someone would be willing to highlight that was amazing to me.
4. We went everywhere and the Porsche always worked properly. It started right away, the top up and down was easy to operate, and the car was a surprisingly well rounded vehicle; not just a fun toy (but it excels at that).
5. Finally, if you want a real Porsche experience with a manual shifter and a flat-6 naturally aspirated engine, you cannot do better than this.

Jason and his Boxster were a rental worth every penny and I would consider working with him and the car again.
Jerzy Banasiak
Phenomenal car that is perfect for the island between the awesome color, the removable top, the surgeon's scalpel level of handling, and the connectedness you have between your inputs & the car's response. Everything is direct, between the shifter, the steering wheel, and the pedals. Which makes driving so rewarding because you become conscious of how everything you do, the car translates to the road due in part to the car tipping the scales at a mere ~1,900 pounds. There are so many great roads on Maui for which this car is at home on, with switchbacks, off-camber esses, and dips & crests. With the super sticky tires, I was carving corners at unbelievable speed and no doubt pushing past 1g regularly with minimal effort. What's interesting is that even though this is a road-going track car, the ride is shockingly complaint all things considered. Also, very important to note for my fellow car enthusiasts who are on the athletic & tall side that yes you WILL fit in this car. I'm just over 6'2" with fairly broad shoulders and I had zero issues even with the top on (not that you'll do much, if any, driving with it on).

Make no mistake, this car requires a deft & capable driver because if you run out of skill you WILL find yourself in deep shit as the car has ZERO electronic safeties besides a limited traction control system. With the way with which the weight transfers, you can EASILY upset the balance in a corner by unloading a tire prematurely, improperly trail brake, or worse yet induce snap oversteer. But in all honesty you should not find yourself in that position, because it would mean you're driving beyond your abilities. If you are, you're disrespecting the car and worse yet you're disrespecting the owner.

Speaking of, David is a helluva of a gearhead and very enjoyable to talk shop with. I spent a good chunk of time going over the car with him before leaving, and it made the experience all the better because of it. I feel like I made a friend on the island, and when I return to Maui in the future I know I'll come back to take the Elise for a spin again. Mahalo for making my first trip to the island such a kick-ass time!
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