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If you want to rent a modern or classic Porsche, check out the listings below or search for a car near you.

Meet DriveShare

DriveShare is the place to rent the kind of cars you actually want to drive. With everything from a classic Porsche 911 Carrera to a modern Porsche Cayenne or GT3 available for rent, you can take every occasion up a notch. We’re talking weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, getaways, photo shoots, Sunday drives, city tours and so much more. And with three ways to rent — you can drive, you can be chauffeured or the car can be displayed for events — you can craft the exact experience you’re looking for. Thinking of buying? DriveShare is the perfect way to try out your dream car first.

With DriveShare, you know you’re covered: Our top-of-the-line insurance protects the car for the entire rental period, and unbeatable roadside assistance has your back the entire time. 

How it works

  1. Register here for a free account.

  2. Search for a car that makes your heart race.

  3. Select your dates and rental type: "Driving" means that you drive, "Chauffeured" means the owner drives and "Event" means the car will be used for display.

  4. Coordinate pick-up and drop-off with the owner. We recommend that you download the DriveShare app for iPhone or Android to make communication and pick-up even easier.

  5. Enjoy the ride!

Learn more about how to rent or check out our renter FAQ.  

Rent a Porsche


Laura Leonardi
David could not have been more accommodating throughout the rental process. He helped keep this a surprise from my boyfriend while running a background check initially. Then, once I was on Maui, he was super flexible with our pick up and drop off time. He gave us an outstanding rundown of the vehicle and suggested a perfect route for us to take the car on for the day. The car could not have been more perfect and David made this process smooth and stress free. I would highly recommend renting from David in the future. I know if I'm ever on Maui again I'll be hitting him up for one of his Mini Cooper rentals.
Melissa D'Amato
We had a wonderful experience with renting Marc's beautiful Porsche. The car was rented as a special birthday surprise for my husband and Marc was incredibly helpful with setting up the transportation to and from our rental house. My husband was so excited and we had a great time driving the car around for the week. It was such a pleasure to drive!
Martin You
The rental vehicle is in really great condition and definitely a head-turner! My wife and I rented it as our getaway car for our wedding and it was seriously fun to drive and great to take pictures with. I highly recommend this vehicle and the owner is very easy to work with!
Rob Nebs
Beautiful car! Very accommodating and fair owners. Easy pick up and drop off! Definitely a go to for a fun car that will make you stand out in a crowd!!
Kai Perez
Christine and her Porsche 912 affectionately nicknamed "Root Beer" were both absolutely pleasant! We took "Root Beer" for a drive up PCH and truly stepped back in time to 1969.

The light steering, mechanical rasp of the flat 4, and satisfying shifts of the dog-leg gear box made for a memorable experience, vintage motoring at its best!
Alan Villalobos
John was a pleasure to interact with and chat cars. He showed me around his 356 replica shop which was an unexpected bonus. As an fyi, rental was a little short notice on my part, inquired about it two days before the date I was looking at, which I did appreciate.

Unfortunately the car wasn't quite 100%. Check engine light was on (didn't seem to affect the drivability too much, but did notice a stumble at one point), but the bigger issue was the car got quite hot and we had to pull over to let the car cool down two times (this was while going up Palomar mountain, it was fine on flat roads\freeway) There was a smell of coolant while topping off at the gas station. I had a limited window for the drive so the down time cut the trip a little short.

Other than the cooling issue, the car shifted well, brakes felt solid, etc. Slight rubbing from the rear tires on bigger compression/bumps. This isn't an immaculate example (interior has some wear) , but this rental was more of an extended test drive for me to see if a 996 would be a good purchase and it did that just fine. Will be looking for one of my own now.

Lend the car love. Earn some extra cash.

DriveShare gives you full control over price, mileage and who gets in the driver’s seat, along with exceptional insurance coverage and roadside protection. With three rental options — driving, chauffeured or event — you always decide how your car is used.

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