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Classic & Dream Wedding Car Rental
New Jersey Classic Wedding Car Rental
New Jersey classic wedding car rental and vintage car rental. Many couples who get married in New Jersey choose to rent a classic or vintage wedding car. Classic and vintage cars create a great impression, improve the mood and add a touch of romance to the pictures.

New Jersey classic wedding car rental and how to achieve the finest wedding party
Springtime feast under bright birch trees? Wedding in sparkling summer blossom? Autumn marriage with warm and deep tones of colour? Winter wedding surrounded by glinting white hills?

Elegant dress of luxurious material. Sparkling bridal jewellery. Refined make-up and beautifully styled hair. The beautiful bridal bouquet - classic white, delicate pink or maybe glowing red. Elegant, classic morning dress. Traditional, beautiful surroundings in the church, town hall or nature. Delicate, refined menu. A personal song during the ceremony. Warmth from family and friends. Exciting, captivating entertainment. Glamorous and dignified wedding drive with an elegantly dressed chauffeur dedicated to your needs. The possibilities are endless.

All these elements work together to raise the standard of your big day. We at DRIVESHARE will certainly do our best to ensure that your wedding is the experience of a lifetime by offering you exclusive New Jersey classic wedding car rental at competitive rates.

Beautiful photos of the happy couple in the rented classic wedding car
It’s common to feature the rented wedding car or limousine in wedding photos. The classic bridal car serves as the perfect backdrop for romantic pictures and New Jersey is full of beautiful scenery and historical buildings perfect for pictures. The journey to the reception is the perfect time to take beautiful and romantic pictures, using your classic car as a memorable background. A vintage car is always popular with wedding photographers. They can capture moments of you inside and outside the wedding car.

Pink Cadillac for your wedding drive in New Jersey?

If you're on the lookout for American limousines and cars, DRIVESHARE can supply you with the ideally distinguished American model.

We have a large selection of American limousines alongside all sorts of other classic American wedding cars. You can choose one of the long modern limousines such as a Lincoln, Cadillac or Chrysler. Or how about a classic American car like the Ford Mustang, Pink Cadillac or Chevrolet Bel Air? Feel free to ask us about other exclusive wedding cars that could fit the bill for your wedding drive in New Jersey.

Classic and vintage bus rental in New Jersey for weddings and events

Need a classic bus rental or carriage for your wedding in New Jersey? Vintage or classic wedding cars are very popular for weddings and parties, but not everyone's aware that it's also possible to rent a vintage or classic bus and lend every bit as much style, glamour and party to the occasion.

Get a quote at once for your wedding in New Jersey

You have the opportunity to calculate the price immediately. You just have to enter some information and choose a car that you think will be suitable for your wedding. Then you'll get a price right away instead of having to wait to receive an offer. It also means that you can arrange the wedding drive quickly, giving you the opportunity to devote more time to planning the rest of your wedding in New Jersey.

Don't be afraid to ask us about these conditions or other practical details. We have extensive experience in giving advice for wedding driving and can assist you with a wide range of practical matters associated with New Jersey classic wedding car rental.

Click through our range of cars for New Jersey classic wedding car rental and rent a classic car in New Jersey. It's guaranteed to make your wedding a unique and unforgettable experience.

Good wedding advice

It’s important that your wedding day is perfect and everything proceeds as planned so we’ve gathered a lot of helpful advice on New Jersey classic wedding car rental. Please read these pages and get all the useful knowledge and inspiration you’ll need in order to rent a classic car in New Jersey.

Your romantic wedding car at your wedding venue
A romantic classic or vintage car will make your wedding drive in and around New Jersey unforgettable. It will add class to your day when you see it beautifully presented in front of the church or town hall.

Driving in a unique classic wedding car with your private chauffeur will get the wedding festivities off to a flying start, allowing you to relax and focus on each other, enjoying your wedding party whilst the driver takes care of all the practical details.

Sparkling wine or champagne can also be served during the drive. So all you have to do is sit back in the comfortable leather seats and enjoy the journey through New Jersey or wherever you may be.

Pre-war and vintage car rental for every taste and style
We specialise in rental of vintage cars, limousines and buses for events in New Jersey. You’ll find a whole range of vintage cars and classic cars for rent on our homepage. Just remember to plan your schedule to accommodate a vintage car. They run between 40 and 60 km per hour. But this just leaves you more time to enjoy the ride and each other’s company. Also remember that a lot of vintage cars don’t drive during the winter.

A range of classic cars for New Jersey classic wedding car rental
At DRIVESHARE you’ll find a large selection of romantic classic cars and vintage limousines for rent around New Jersey, all complete with private chauffeurs.

DRIVESHARE specializes in a wide range of unique cars for New Jersey classic wedding car rental. On our website you can choose from a range of classic models such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercedes and Cadillac, alongside all sorts of other vintage and classic wedding cars.

We also have a range of historic buses and vintage VW camper vans for rent if you’d prefer a less conventional means of transportation. New Jersey classic wedding car rental doesn’t get more original and exciting than that.

Rock & Roll American cars for weddings
It's very trendy to rent American cars to give the party that cool Grease theme. Sweet pastel colours, airy 50's dresses and dainty candy. We recommend a lovely big Cadillac or Mercury Park Lane Cruiser, a rare vintage model with gorgeous bright leather seats and plenty of space for everyone - a classic limousine that’s tons of fun at your wedding or party.

Explore our selection classic wedding cars on offer in New Jersey. If you’re searching for characteristic wedding cars in other parts of the country, you can find them on our website. Simply visit the pages on wedding car rental in other regions on the front page of the website.
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