Picture Car Rentals

Classic, vintage, unique car rental for film production, movies, photo, video shoots and music videos
Picture Car Rentals
The largest inventory of vintage cinema vehicles available.
Whether you are shooting a music video or the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie, DRIVESHARE can provide vehicles that will fit any time period or theme.

Quality Classic Picture Cars
At DRIVESHARE, we do our best to make sure that all picture cars listed on our platform are in the best condition.

When you rent one of our vintage classic cars for a movie shoot or music video, we guarantee that it will be perfectly maintained and look amazing in your photos!
A flexible experience to let you focus on your work.

Organizing a music video, or movie is a lot of work.
We understand that and want to make your film car rental experience easy and flexible.

We can work with you to arrange the delivery & pick-up of the picture car rental at your shooting location(s).

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