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Rent a fun-to-drive classic or modern car and have an amazing driving experience with DriveShare. The best part? We've got you covered with insurance optimized for classic cars.

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Ready to experience firsthand the roar of a big-block engine from the driver’s seat of a classic muscle car? Want to see just how tightly an Italian supercar hugs the curves as you cruise a scenic backroad? Want to spend a few hours behind the wheel of the vintage car or contemporary cruiser of your dreams? DriveShare is here to deliver with these, and countless other memorable driving experiences with modern and classic car rentals.  

With DriveShare, qualified drivers can safely rent classic and collector cars for an afternoon, a weekend or more. And when you’re done with the ride? Simply return it to the owner’s garage. Every DriveShare rental includes liability, collision, and comprehensive car insurance, plus roadside service. All you have to think about is which cool car you’re going to drive first.  

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