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San Francisco classic wedding car rental
San Francisco classic wedding car rental and vintage car rental. A wedding featuring a vintage or classic car is something really quite unique. A wedding is one of life's great moments that should be celebrated and experienced to the full by both yourself and your guests. You should be able to look back at your wedding with joy and pride in the years to come.

Make your wedding in San Francisco extra special
You've almost certainly given your wedding a great deal of thought already. There are a whole range of ideas and considerations that go into ensuring the success of a wedding. Have you considered classic car rental for your wedding in San Francisco?

Hiring a classic wedding car to drive you to your wedding in San Francisco and collect you after the ceremony will add huge value to your event. This is our experience time after time. A beautiful wedding car adds a unique touch to the event and inspires admiration amongst all the guests.

Bubbling champagne, aromatic flowers, chrome, leather and velvet. Moments of peace and quiet. Just the two of you in a beautiful car with soft seats, deluxe comfort, great views and an attentive and courteous chauffeur. Hiring a classic or vintage car or limousine for a wedding is something you'll never regret.

A white vintage Rolls Royce complete with elegant chauffeur will add a picturesque touch to the day and look stunning on photos for years to come, an American-style retro car will complement a 1950's themed wedding and let you drive off into the sunset in true Danny and Sandy-style, while a cute Fiat 500 from the days before they were one of the best-selling cars in the world will give a unique twist on a traditional day.

Whatever your needs, style or unique requirements for a vintage car for your special day, DRIVESHARE has you covered.

San Francisco classic wedding car rental and vintage cars for weddings

At DRIVESHARE we specialise in unique wedding cars of all types, including stunning Jaguar, Cadillac, Maserati and elegant classic cars. Whatever type of car you want for your wedding, we’ll do our utmost to deliver.

A number of impressive American limousines are also available to lend extra festivity and style to your big day. Chrysler, Cadillac and Ford are all obvious choices with their beautiful design and nostalgic feel. Or maybe you're more into a romantic and leisurely drive in a Landau carriage where you can enjoy the first moment as newly weds and appreciate the surrounding beautiful landscape at a sedate pace? Or if you'd prefer something European, why not choose a renowned Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen for your wedding?

The fastest growing platform for vintage and classic car rental

DRIVESHARE was founded in to help connect vintage car owners with people looking to rent a classic, vintage or retro car. We aim to make the whole process stress-free and enjoyable so that whatever your needs, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you will arrive at your destination in style.

Our dedication to the vintage car industry shines through with our extensive portfolio of cars. We boast the world’s most extensive database of classic and exotic cars, based on several continents around the globe. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Aston Martin or any other car your heart desires, we can almost guarantee we will have it on our books.

Our motto is ‘Dreams are better in real-life’, so if you’ve ever dreamed of turning heads by arriving at your wedding in an exclusive retro car and making that special day extra memorable, see how we can help match you to the perfect vehicle.


Tailored wedding drive - how it works

When you leave the church or town hall, the exclusive bridal car will be waiting for you with a stylish and elegant chauffeur. Maybe you get the ball rolling with a photoshoot of you and your car before you drive off to the reception. No matter what the circumstances, you'll enjoy a lavish and memorable departure from the ceremony and a beautifully charming trip to your reception.

During the ride, you can arrange for photo shoots at beautiful viewpoints or places around San Francisco that have a special significance for you.

The drive after the ceremony is a major highlight for many, perhaps even the best point of the whole the day. You've just got married, you're in high spirits and the love in the air is radiant. The trip in the car will give you the opportunity to catch a moment alone and enjoy each other's company in quiet privacy before you meet up with your guests again and spend the rest of the day with them. In other words, it gives you a pause and a place to yourselves where you can enjoy a bit of privacy, peace and quiet to digest the experience whilst you can enjoy a glass of champagne or sparkling wine in the car.

Unique pictures in a beautiful region

The journey to the reception provides the ideal opportunity to take some beautiful pictures, your classic car serving as a stylish and colourful backdrop. A vintage car is always popular with wedding photographers who’ll be delighted to capture moments of you both sitting inside and standing beside the wedding car.

Wedding driving around San Francisco offers you a wealth of enchanting photo opportunities by virtue of the beautiful scenery and architecture of the area. The glorious and delightful historical buildings of San Francisco and rolling hills of the San Francisco district are just a few of the pearls of San Francisco classic wedding car rental which are there to serve as wonderful backdrop for wedding photography.

Book it and drive it!
Choose a classic or vintage rental car and set the finishing touch to your wedding. Booking is made directly on our website. DRIVESHARE has made it as easy as possible to rent a classic car in San Francisco. We’ve collected a unique selection of cars across all price ranges for San Francisco classic wedding car rental. Simply choose your favourite vehicle, enter the required information and the price will be shown immediately.

DRIVESHARE's price calculator is your 'smart tool' to a great experience, with its efficient and straightforward process. Our intelligent pricing algorithm has evolved over several thousand bookings, giving you the most fair and competitive price possible.

And there’s no need to worry about filling in lengthy and time-consuming forms filled with irrelevant questions, instead we provide you with all the information you need for any car listed on the DRIVESHARE portal prior to booking. Our unique and seamless approach is designed to ensure you have the best possible experience when it comes to organising rental of your dream car – for whatever occasion – and ensure the whole process is smooth stress-free from the start, right up until the finish line.

Every year thousands of vintage car lovers take advantage of our booking platform and make bookings across many different countries. The sheer volume of successful self drive bookings that have been processed through DRIVESHARE puts us in the ideal position to offer you a knowledgeable and expert service.

Book your dream car today
You can book your dream car through our simple booking process - maybe even today if you want! Take a leisurely browse through our wide range of cars. Relax at home and make your decision at your own pace. Then simply book online to rent a classic car in San Francisco and within moments your San Francisco classic wedding car rental is arranged and within close reach.

Book immediately or take your time to research your dream car before you decide which one to choose for your San Francisco classic wedding car rental. You'll find expert guidance on our homepage based on years of experience with vintage car rental. We're here to help you find the most stylish and exclusive car you can possibly imagine. But don’t spend too long choosing - classic cars are very popular vehicles for weddings and are in high demand.

Take a look at our range of vehicles for San Francisco classic wedding car rental. There’s something for every taste and style.

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