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Make the most of summer with a cool car rental.

Take advantage of driving season before the winter weather hits

Supercharge what’s left of summer with that car you’ve always wanted to drive. DRIVESHARE has loads of cars ranging from classic pick-ups and luxury convertibles, to modern sports cars and everything in between. 

Need to change up the coming weekend without wrecking the wallet? Thinking about making a classic or enthusiast vehicle your own, but a 15-minute test drive isn’t enough? DRIVESHARE has rental experiences for all budgets and all car categories. 

Own the moment

We know costs are up across the board, but you can still make a weekend special with an exhilarating drive that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, all of that fun can be had with the confidence that we’re there if any unplanned pit stops interrupt your journey.  


Featured summer fun cars


How to rent

  1. Register here for a free account.

  2. Search for a car that makes your heart race.

  3. Select your dates and rental type: "Driving" means that you drive, "Chauffeured" means the owner drives and "Event" means the car will be used for display.

  4. Coordinate pick-up and drop-off with the owner. We recommend that you download the DriveShare app for iPhone or Android to make communication and pick-up even easier.

  5. Enjoy the ride!

Learn more about how to rent or check out our renter FAQ.  

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