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Cruise care-free knowing you are covered with DRIVESHARE. Each rental booked through DRIVESHARE includes exceptional insurance that protects the car for the entire rental period, and premium roadside assistance has your back the entire time.

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Rent a Volkswagen Bus

Vintage and classic bus rental
Vintage and classic bus rental for weddings, parties or company events. Vintage car rental or classic wedding cars are very popular for weddings and parties. But not everyone realises that it's equally possible to rent/hire vintage and classic buses which can be even more fun, stylish and glamorous.

Your ride in a classic party bus can feature music from the era, a nice glass of champagne and plenty of stops along the way to add a bit of colour and variety to your trip. You can even organise a mid-trip picnic or reception at a spot of your choice.

Vintage and classic bus rental with room for everyone
Do you fancy the seventies charm of a VW bus? If so, the original VW Westfalia Camper is for you. Some of our VW buses can be rented as 'Self-drive' rentals, so you can take your partner and group of friends on a romantic adventure at the drop of a hat.

Why not rent a nostalgic red Volvo or Bedford vintage bus? These classic buses offer up to 35 seats plus additional standing places. There’s plenty of room for the entire party and the stage will be set for a festive trip. Classic buses from brands like Volvo and Bedford are now readily available for the pleasure of many partygoers.

Festive people in festive buses mean festive pictures
We probably don't need to point out that a vintage bus will create a backdrop for some really good photos. Classic wedding buses and party buses come in all sorts of fun shapes, colors and styles. It's also great fun to decorate the buses for a wedding or themed party.

Lend the car love. Earn some extra cash. 

DRIVESHARE gives you full control over price, mileage and who gets in the driver’s seat, along with exceptional insurance coverage and roadside protection. With three rental options — driving, chauffeured or event — you always decide how your car is used.


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