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Wedding Car Rental In The United States
Wedding car rental! Renting a classic, romantic or vintage car or bus for your wedding or party will make your big day extra special. It’s the perfect way to celebrate one of life’s great moments and give you everlasting memories full of pride and joy.

A wedding to remember
Do you want a springtime wedding party under bright birch trees? A wedding in fragrant summer blossom? An autumn marriage surrounded by deep, warm colours? Or a winter wedding on dazzling white plains?

The possibilities are limitless. And at DRIVESHARE we'll do our utmost to make your wedding an unforgettable experience with exclusive wedding car rental.

Wedding cars in a class of their own
At DRIVESHARE we specialize in unique wedding cars of all types, including stunning Cadillacs, Jaguars, Maseratis amongst other elegant classic cars. Whatever type of car you want for your wedding, we’ll do our utmost to deliver.

Pink Cadillac for the wedding drive?

If you're looking to rent an American limousine or classic car for your wedding or party, you’ve come to the right place. DRIVESHARE has an extensive range of American classic cars of the highest class.

We have a large selection of American limousines and classic cars. You can select one of the long modern limousines like Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler, or a classic American model from the likes of Mustang, Ford, Pink Cadillac, Chevrolet or Bel Air.

If you have any special wishes for your wedding car rental, just ask. Because we operate nationwide, you can rent classic wedding cars all over the United States.

Our dedicated customer service team will be on hand to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly giving you that extra peace of mind on the day.


Exclusive wedding photo opportunities

When leaving the church or town hall, your exclusive bridal car and chauffeur will be waiting for you outside. Typically, photographers and guests will take some beautiful pictures of you and your car before you drive off to your reception.

Along the way, you can make a few stops for the photographer to take some romantic pictures at beautiful viewpoints or simply places that mean something special to you. It’s all part of your dream wedding car rental.


Rather drive yourself?

This might be a special day, but it does not mean that you can’t have a little bit of fun... Why not drive the classic car yourself!

We understand how busy you will be that day so let us organize the delivery and return of the car for you. What is left for you to do? ...Just enjoy the experience!

If you'd rather not have a private driver, we provide a range of options for self-drive wedding cars. You can choose from a range of exciting sports cars that are well suited for weddings, especially if you want to go for a slightly more modern look.

However, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the car beforehand. There's no doubt that it’s an impressive sight to come out of the church or town hall to a wonderful red Ferrari.

Get a great price on your wedding car rental straightaway

You can get an instant quote for any car you like on the DRIVESHARE site. You just have to enter a few pieces of personal information and choose the car you think will be suitable for your wedding.

Don’t be afraid to ask us about the conditions of rental or indeed any other details. We've got extensive experience in wedding car rental and are happy to give you whatever practical information you need.

Browse Classic Wedding Cars

Classic Wedding cars will make your wedding stand out
Close your eyes and picture this...
You are ready for your wedding ceremony, you walk out of the hotel and a beautiful 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is waiting for you at the door, beaming in the sunlight. Your wedding vehicle is waiting for you, he opens the door and you are on to your magical day in the best possible way...that sounds pretty good, right? We tend to agree.

Vintage wedding cars for wedding and special events are the ultimate way to put the final touch on your special occasion. Who hasn’t dreamed of sitting in the back of a vintage Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, or Cadillac on one of the most important days in your life?

Old or new car?
It creates a beautiful, romantic atmosphere to be driven from the church or town hall in an old vintage car. Vintage and pre-war car rental have been frequently used for driving to weddings since they create lovely pictures with a special charm.

However, it’s important to be aware that veteran, vintage and pre-war cars often have a maximum speed of between 25 and 40 mph, so it'll take longer to reach your destination with an older car than if you go for a Bentley or Jaguar.


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