1967 Volkswagen Bus

1967 Volkswagen Bus
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68000 mi
Flat 4 cyl. Aircooled
Body style

Vehicle story

Restored VW Bus in excellent condition.
- Green and white exterior, roof rack, stock wheels, front windshield safari windows that open up.
- Camper interior in the back with table and seat that turns into bed.
- Front seats reupholstered to original specs.
- One key locks and starts the car.
- Front disc brakes and updated easy-shift lever.
- Two USB ports in front cab.
- Kenwood Bluetooth sound system.
-Updated dual carb 1600 motor with updated 4:12 transmission all installed as of December 2022 (all hoses, filters replaced, oil cooler replaced as well).
- Independent rear suspension with Creative Engineering kit (no factory gear reduction boxes) as of December 2022.
-Front 2.5 inch drop spindles with coilover shocks for a slightly lower-than-factory stance but offering a comfortable drive (tires do not rub, etc.)
- Electrical wiring recently redone.


Important general information:
- Up to 7 people (including the driver) can ride in this vehicle, but no more than 7 people at a time. Two in the front (one is the driver), 5 in the back.
- There are no seat belts on this vehicle. Seat belts were a dealer option back in 1967 and cars did not come with them until 1968, when the US Department of Transportation started requiring by law that all cars come with seat belts.
- There is, however, one lap belt in the back seat, which we installed in order to be able to properly install a toddler car seat (will depend on car seat model). To be clear: We do not offer a car seat with the rental, but the presence of one lap belt in the back could possibly accommodate a car seat if you were to desire that (we would have to check via phone or photos to make sure your car seat would work). All that said, we do not encourage driving a baby in an old car like this one.
- This car comes with a roof rack requiring 8 feet of clearance, which makes entry to public garages VERY restrictive. Please keep this in mind when considering this vehicle. Entering a public garage without being aware of this is likely to result in damage both to the roof rack and the vehicle itself. Some garages such as the Target in Midtown Miami will offer the proper clearance but many others will not. If this will keep you from renting and enjoying this bus, please let us know and we can remove the rack for your rental.
- This bus can cruise comfortably at 60-70 mph on highways. If carrying a lot of passengers, it will be slower than that but should be able to handle the drive (again: no more than 7 people at a time). City cruising to places like Miami Beach or Calle Ocho is, in our opinion, the sweet spot type of drive to enjoy this car.

When requesting the car for driving I ask that you please:
- Provide information about yourself beyond your name and where you are from. Please specify if you are a classic car owner, if you are a classic VW owner, or if you do not own or drive classic cars regularly. As stringent as the vetting process from Hagerty is, It is very hard for us as owners to decide to rent our cars out over just a vague exchange online, without knowing much about the person wanting to rent from us. The more we can get to know you and your interests, the better!
- Provide as much as detail as possible as to where / how far you intend to drive the vehicle.
- Provide details about where you will be staying, and where the vehicle will stay overnight. Will it be garaged? Will it be outside under a roof? Will it sleep outside on the street? Etc.

We do rent this bus out for photo and video shoots, as well as for events such as weddings, birthdays, art shows, product launch events, etc. When renting for a photo or video shoot, AND/OR when renting for use during an event:

- Please specify if the bus will be parked/stationary or driven/moving during your shoot or event. If intending to drive, specify who would be driving and if this person has driven these cars before (this is not a deal breaker but important for us to know).
- If the vehicle will be parked at your event, please specify if it will be within reach of guests or not (an example where it *would not be* would be if used as the backdrop of a bar, behind bartenders; or on display behind ropes).
- Please specify if you intend to have people inside the vehicle, or just posing outside next to it. If objects might be laid against the vehicle (touching it), please specify that as well.

Chauffeured rentals: We will consider these on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking:
- We offer these within the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. We do not offer longer distance drives. We can pick you up in Miami or Fort Lauderdale and take you to a destination within Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Up to 6 passengers.


Dual carb 1600 engine

Wheels and tires

15-inch original crows feet rims on Firestone tires


German disc brakes in the front, drum breaks in rear.


4-speed manual 4:12 transmission (lower ratio than stock 4:7) with Vintage Speed easy shifter and Vintage speed wider muffler. Has a Creative Engineering independent rear suspension kit.


Fuel policy
Return with the same amount
Mileage limit
100 mi per day
Host's discretion
Overage rate/mi

Pick-up / Return location

Miami, FL
Delivery option

Pick-up instructions

Drive renters: will define pickup location individually. Willing to deliver car at no cost if within a 3-miles radius. Car delivery and pick-up add $100. Event renters: must pick up car (trailer or flat bed tow) if more than 10 miles away.

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Rental types differences


Approved drivers will operate the car on public roads.


This is intended for non-driving uses like photo shoots and static displays. The car will need to be delivered by the host to the guest's location.


Host or their approved agent drives the guest in the car. This option is popular for weddings or other special events.


Approved drivers will operate the car on public roads.


This is intended for non-driving uses like photo shoots and static displays. The car will need to be delivered by the host to the guest's location.


Host or their approved agent drives the guest in the car. This option is popular for weddings or other special events.

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Rental fee
Service fee
* Fuel cost not included. You will only be charged when request is accepted. The deposit is being held by us. We will transfer this to your bank within 48 hours as long as drop-off inspections is complete.
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Pick-up/Return location

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