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layne campbell

layne campbell

Santa Barbara


1969 shelby cobra
Santa Barbara, CA
per day
1969 Ford Mustang
Santa Barbara, CA
per day


Jacky Nguyen
Oct 3, 2021
Julia Skye Arnold
Layne was very kind and accommodating. His Mustang is a dream! We got so many compliments, please shouting, "I like your car!"// "What king of engine!". It made our Elopement so special. It is very cute, Layne has some tapes in the vehicle you can play with the cutest old school music. Perfect for after our ceremony. Highly recommend renting this car even it is just for one day!!
Oct 3, 2022
Megan Dietrich
We had the BEST experience with Layne and redempta rentals. Not only was the car absolutely stunning and a joy to drive, but Layne went above and beyond to provide the best experience. He took time out of his own day to educate us on the car and even brought us a spare key when we needed it halfway through our rental. A stunning car, incredible customer service, and overall just a dream experience!! cannot recomend renting enough!!!
Jun 2, 2023
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