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Mark Oppat



1948 Ford Super Deluxe
Plymouth, MI
per day
I have owned this car since 2018, and its been fun to drive for many weddings. I am mainly a vintage radio guy... been restoring them since I was a teenager in the early 70's, so 2023 is my 50th year doing it ! I am now primarily a vintage electronics parts specialist.... is my site. Also, I am very active with the Vintage Electronics Expo events in Michigan. Old cars were my first passion as a kid but I veered off into vintage radio.... dad said I couldn't have any junk cars in the driveway of our nice suburban home ! Alas..... it turned into a whole other career !
Mark Oppat Plymouth, MI


Steve Baumbach
Awesome car, great owner! Rented it for a day, now I want to buy one. Mark was a great owner, we chatted for a while about the car, it's history, why he bought it, the rarity of a four door (which is sad because it is much cooler than a two door to me), and how we both enjoyed driving it. It is a manual transmission with the shifter on the column, a first for me, it as a manual transmission diehard, it was a year to drive and very easy to get used to. I highly recommend Mark and his Ford!
Jul 9, 2020
Cristina Terrazas-Moreno
He's great! Chil and patient with us. He was excited to be part of our celebration! Beautiful car great experience.
Sep 17, 2021
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