Jeffrey Levitt

Jeffrey Levitt

San Diego


1955 Ford Thunderbird
San Diego, CA
per day
I love cars and have owned this Classic T-Bird since 1988. I wanted a car that epitomizes the California experience and this is definitely it.
Have some fun - drive my car!


Topher Bohen
Jeff is one of the coolest, nicest, and most-thoughtful people I've ever met. I really mean that without a morsel of hyperbole. I had such an amazing first-impression of him and his wife: they were so kind, down-to-earth, and generous. I could tell they were genuinely happy that their beautiful car would play a star role in our engagement day! The car is an absolute dream: it's unlike anything you've ever experienced before and it's in great shape! The engine turns over with ease and has a perfectly throaty rumble to it. It handles like butter and floats when you drive it. I've never had more fun carving up the coast in a car before then I did in Jeff's Thunderbird. It's an experience that will really stay with you for the rest of your life. I'm SO glad and grateful that we were able to meet Jeff and had the opportunity to take this beauty for a spin. Our day was 1000X more enchanting and perfect because of it. If I could, I would give him 6 stars. Thanks again, Jeff!! See you in the future, my friend.
Mar 6, 2020
Susan Traganza
The car was so amazing and exceeded my expectations. The owner was very helpful and gave us all of the tips for operating the car. He even let us have a test drive! He was very good at communicating with us throughout the rental.. I appreciate his enthusiasm for sharing his car with us. It added to our T-bird convertible experience!
Jan 27, 2020
Julio Huaman
Jeffrey more than a renter become my friend... Thank you Jeffrey for All your help, prayers and support!!! I had an amazing experience with Jeffrey... really polite, professional and a great friend... I'm bless to met Jeffrey My wife and I are so happy with his attention!!! Thank you Driveshare for EVERYTHING!!!
May 11, 2021
Ethan Danielson
Best possible experience!! Jeff was incredible to me and my family
May 26, 2021
Mary Betty Taylor
Jeff was an amazing host, helping me navigate the system so i could rent the car for my father and ensuring my dad could drive the car safely. They had a wonderful time taking the Thunderbird up to Julian. Thank you so much!
May 11, 2022
Diemmy El
Jeff was such a great big help in dropping off the car to 2 locations and being on the sidelines to help with my photo shoot! The car is truly beautiful and caught the eyes of so many people so it definitely reflects the most amazing vibe in photos. 10/10 would recommend Jeff and his Thunderbird.
Nov 14, 2023
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