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Phil Mol
Attention old car lovers: Jared understands us!

I realize most Driveshare rentals are single day events, but Jared and I spoke before hand and he understood I intended on using the car for my transportation for my entire 10 day stay.

He picked us up at the airport -with the car- making it easy to know which was our ride. It’s not hard to find a ‘64 Sedan DeVille in a sea of Hyundais.

As we drove to Jared‘s house he covered some of the car’s nuances - as all old cars have some. And it was wise to go over them since he knew we were REALLY going to travel with it.

After a few days of vacation, on the way to Barrett-Jackson’s auction I smelled an oft too familiar odor. Electrical heat. I touched a knob and it was screaming hot! I got to the pass only lot and and texted Jared and offered to try and pull a fuse, but Jared was close by and dealt with it while we went about our day. As it turns out, something with the blower motor decided to let its smoke out. I felt like Billy in the final credits of Gone In 60 Seconds (‘74) but I’m glad the car didn’t have a similar fate!

Then off to Sedona for an afternoon, then the next day up to the Grand Canyon. His aftermarket fuel injection allowed the car to climb the high altitude just fine with no issues whatsoever!

While on this trip, I thought it would be prudent to check the oil, but my fingers wouldn’t fit in where I thought the hood release was. Thinking there might have been something modified for under hood security I reached out to Jared again. Once again he was super responsive! Checked the oil, half a quart down, so we rolled on.

By the end of nearly a thousand miles, I realized how much fun it would be to add a ship like this to my personal fleet. A Turnpike Cruiser was on my short list, but I didn’t think of it as something I would really want to tour with. After this trip, I discovered that navigating a land yacht isn’t all that bad.

As far as Jared is concerned, rent anything you want from him. I saw another ‘50’s car at his home and you never know what he might add over time. As with ANY old car, don’t expect an issueless trip, but you couldn’t ask for a more responsive owner.

And by the way, total trip - adjusted for speedometer calibration, we averaged just over 16 MPG! Thanks to the overdrive trans, that’s way better than it would have gotten in stock configuration! And the oil didn’t budge off the “half quart low” point, so it’s not an oil burner!

Phil, Lisa & Adrian Mol
Suzy Goodrick
This car was perfect! It's exactly as pictured and Jared was communicative, kind, and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend and will use again!
Adam Soltis
This Cadillac was absolutely beautiful and was so fun to drive through the desert. Jared was incredibly helpful and I would definitely rent from him again!
Kate Stack
This was a really great experience! Jared was very responsive and helpful throughout. I would absolutely rent from Jared or through DriveShare again.




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