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The car that captured the hearts of car lovers

On the 17th of April 1964, an entirely new breed of pony was unveiled to the public. Dubbed the Mustang, this classic muscle car lived up to its namesake as Ford’s wild horse and perfectly captured the aggressive lines of the fighter planes that came before it. Browse the car rental listings below and experience the thrill of a classic or modern Ford Mustang for yourself.



DRIVESHARE is the place to rent the kind of cars you actually want to drive. With everything from a classic Ford Mustang Mach 1 or Shelby GT500 to a modern Mustang GT available for rent, you can take every occasion up a notch. We’re talking weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, getaways, photo shoots, Sunday drives, city tours and so much more. And with three ways to rent — you can drive, you can be chauffeured or the car can be displayed for events — you can craft the exact experience you’re looking for. Thinking of buying? DRIVESHARE is the perfect way to try out your dream car first.

Experience Ford Mustang care-free knowing you are covered with DRIVESHARE. Each rental booked through DRIVESHARE includes exceptional insurance that protects the car for the entire rental period.

Learn more about how to rent or check out our renter FAQ.  

Rent a Ford Mustang


Lend the car love. Earn some extra cash. 

DRIVESHARE gives you full control over price, mileage and who gets in the driver’s seat, along with exceptional insurance coverage and roadside protection. With three rental options — driving, chauffeured or event — you always decide how your car is used.

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