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Make your car work for you

List your car with DRIVESHARE and start making money by sharing your classic vehicle. You can choose the type of rental, so whether your car is used for movie or photo shoots, events or driving rentals - you'll always be in control.


Maximize your earning potential

Pay for maintenance, fund your next road trip, add to your fleet... do whatever you want with the money you'll earn on DRIVESHARE.

Hosts of DRIVESHARE have earned over $1,000,000 to date by renting out their cars.


We’ve got your back

A secure booking platform

Connect with other classic car enthusiasts on a secure platform

Qualified guests only

We vet everyone looking to rent on DRIVESHARE – if we wouldn’t let them drive our car, they can’t drive yours.


You’re in control

As the host, you make the rules. You determine the price, mileage limits and have final say on who gets behind the wheel and how.

Getting started with DRIVESHARE

Getting started on DRIVESHARE is easy — just follow these simple steps:
  • 1
    List your car

    Answer a few questions and upload photos. Our team will review and confirm with you.

  • 2
    Review requests

    Here’s where you review the rental request and decide who gets the keys.

  • 3
    Connect with guests

    Arrange your pick-up times and locations. Using the DRIVESHARE app will simplify the check-in and check-out process.

  • 4
    Collect payment

    Your balance will automatically transfer to your bank account in 72 hours.


Check out the oh-so-valuable resources below that will get you started on the path to building a successful side business.

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? View all host FAQ.

How do I list my car?

Can I have someone assist me with listing my car for rent?

We get it — we all need a helping hand sometimes. You can of course have someone you know help with listing your vehicle on DRIVESHARE. Or, if you need a little assistance from the DRIVESHARE team, send us an email with your request.

Anyone who is assisting or representing the owners of vehicles to be listed on DRIVESHARE acknowledges and agrees that they have the vehicle owner’s express permission and authority to act as their agent in that regard. If the person will manage the listing and rental inquiries after the listing is approved and live on DRIVESHARE, that information must be disclosed in the listing description. 

What kind of vehicles can I list?

Do you own a car or truck that makes people smile? Chances are, it would be a success on DRIVESHARE. Our program specializes in antique, classic and newer collector vehicles of the four-wheeled variety, from a 1930 Ford Model A to a 2018 Porsche 911. This also includes classic pickups, replica cars, kit cars and movie cars.

Vehicles must be street legal and maintain all original safety equipment. Vehicles intended solely for off-road use or racing are not allowed.

DRIVESHARE reserves the right to decline vehicles that are not a good fit for the program or if the listing contains inappropriate descriptions or images. You will receive a notification about your vehicle listing's status within 1-2 business days.

Due to insurance restrictions, any single vehicle listed on DRIVESHARE must not exceed $150,000 in value and vehicles registered in the state of New York are prohibited.

How do I know my car will be safe?

At DRIVESHARE, we do everything in our power to protect the owner and his or her vehicle. As an owner, you can choose the types of rentals you want to offer, and whether or not you will allow others to drive your car. There are three types of rentals:

  • Driving Rental: Renter drives the car.
  • Event Rental: Car is used for display only.
  • Chauffeured Rental: Owner or hired chauffeur drives the car.

Before potential renters can get behind the wheel, they must meet our stringent eligibility criteria. DRIVESHARE performs comprehensive background audits. (For more information on renter requirements please refer to our policies page.) Once a renter has paid and passed all of our audits, they can confirm a booking.

How does the pricing and payout work?

DRIVESHARE takes 20% of the daily rate of each completed trip. This fee covers the cost of the support, payment processing, driver verification, listing and availability management and support services provided by DRIVESHARE to both the owner and renter. For additional information, please refer to our policies page.

All owners are required to set up their DRIVESHARE account pages prior to accepting any booking requests. This ensures that when rentals are completed, owners will have the ability to immediately cash out their earnings. Funds are transferred to the owner’s DRIVESHARE account within 72 hours after a rental is completed. The funds will then transfer from the DRIVESHARE account into the listed bank account. Note that, depending on one’s bank, this could possibly take another day or two to appear in his or her balance. The funds should appear in your bank account within 5 business days after the rental is completed, depending on your bank’s processing times.

Additionally, if you believe there is a need to take payment out of a renter’s security deposit (damage not related to an accident, a soiled interior, smoking residue, etc.) please contact DRIVESHARE as soon as possible after the car is returned. Unless we’re otherwise notified, the security deposit is returned 72 hours after a rental ends.

What are DRIVESHARE's vehicle photo requirements?

DRIVESHARE requires at least one clear photo of your vehicle showing the entire exterior.  Photos uploaded to the site are automatically cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1200 × 675 pixels), so be sure to frame your image wide or parts of the vehicle may not be visible once cropped. 

Pro tips for eye-catching photos

Clean your car. A quick wash and detailing will go a long way when it comes to your vehicle’s glamour shots. Don’t forget to wipe down the interior too. 

Details. Generally speaking: the more photos, the better. Consider including images of the exterior, interior and opened trunk (if applicable). Capturing each side of the exterior, a view of the interior and dash, and your favorite details throughout the vehicle will show your audience what you love about the car. 

Angle. Some cars look good from a low angle, some are better at waist height and others are best viewed from above. Experiment with different angles to see what looks best. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and shoot from flat on the ground. Or consider using a stepladder to capture the car from a higher perspective.

Location. A clean, inviting background is key to eye-catching photos. You want to clearly show the vehicle’s lines so prospective renters can easily see the design and condition of the vehicle. The perfect image can be ruined by weeds, an overlooked paper cup or other debris. Be sure to remove anything that may adversely affect your image. 

Lighting. To get the best light on the car, shoot with the sun at your back and stay far enough back to keep your shadow out of the picture. 

File size. To ensure the highest quality, use images that are at least 1MB and up to 10MB in size.

Check out our handy guide to increase bookings with your photography.

Have more questions? View all host FAQ.

Start hosting, start earning.

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