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The leaves are changing and the roads are calling. Rent a cool car from DRIVESHARE and enjoy some of the season's best driving weather in a car you actually want to drive.

Fall drive season is on!

Fall flannel? Check. Pumpkin spice fill-in-the-blank? Check. Fabulous fall car to dial up the year’s best cruises? Enter DRIVESHARE! Whether it’s a top-down, feel-it-all autumn drive or a more rugged 4x4, bring-on-the-leaves-and-hills excursion you’re looking for, we’ve got just the dream ride for you. Soak up the season and rent today!


DRIVESHARE is a car-sharing community where guests connect with hosts to find the coolest vehicles around. It’s a win-win for everyone: hosts earn some extra money to fuel their automotive passion, while guests can amplify any occasion with an awesome car and experience a slice of automotive history along the way. And with three ways to rent — you can drive, you can be chauffeured or the car can be displayed for events — you can craft the exact experience you’re looking for.

Is there a fun car in your garage that you might want to let others enjoy? Create your own DRIVESHARE listing today. You set the rules, rental rates, delivery distance and more, and you can rest easy knowing that every rental comes with car insurance and all drivers are verified and screened before qualifying to drive. Find (or list) your car here. 

Featured cars for fall drives


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